They’re all set

Come along little Tauntonians

Big day today for that crack team of Cromwellian political operatives lead by Brooke  Scannell who “loves to win.” This is an important moment because for the first time we will see what’s happened to  the $500k she was given to win over the Tauntonians. They’re paying about 35 tribal members  $150 to canvas and work the polls for a day.  That’s pretty good money… too bad they can’t find a way to help the members instead of themselves more often.

Scannell, who has  had a minimal career, seems to be a happy go lucky girl…recently married, and now sitting on a great nest egg…..congrats Brooke.  Do you feel guilty at all ?   Just kidding, course not.

Look who’s in charge of the Natives at the Taunton election side show….the totally trustworthy Patricia Kelliinui.  Patricia Keliinui who allowed Joanne, Ca and Carol Lopez to steal the 2009 tribal election right under her nose.  Now she faces a challenge or rather a demand for documents to prove the elusive sign in sheets weren’t doctored.  No word on that 6 month old request from Nellie Hicks…it’s languishing in Howard Cooper’s tribal court.

Obviously they can’t produce the documents. Of  Course Marietta Scott, the ” court clerk” says Robert Mills will be the judge of that demand.  Marietta, just stop talking okay. You know damned good and well Robert Mills is not going to risk his career fooling with that mystery court of no jurisdiction. You’ve been stalling Nellie for 6 months. That is when you come to work…which is almost never.  That heavy docket is overwhelming ain’t it?  No more tribal members to make fools of in the court without jurisdiction?

Anyway…election day is always exciting. Paula Peters will be over there bossing everyone around. Be sure to take pictures of  Patricia K trying to order those Mashpee around. Great photo op eh Brooke?