Theft at the Museum

Our artifacts are stolen and nothing is done. Nothing is sacred.

You know, some very valuable artifacts were stolen from the Mashpee Wampanoag Museum.  Various volunteers and staffers have complained that the Bourne chair and other items are missing….every time a certain person ( who has a key to the museum) visits and leaves, as staffers come to work.  We all know who the thief is. A staffer actually saw the items in the suspects vehicle.

So Ramona Peters has closed and locked the museum essentially accusing the staff and volunteers of theft.  She needs to let the Mashpee Police interview the museum workers who witnessed the theft to get this resolved instead of engaging in a ridiculous cover up.

She’s got a lot of nerve. She took things out of the museum and put them in her office and workers had to get them and return them to museum.   But the Bourne chair is very important to us. And it’s valuable.  We’re still trying to find all those burial places for all those bones and artifacts she was supposed to have  repatriated.  Good luck on that too.

Of course the Administration has done nothing and people have been complaining about it for weeks. More proof that we are not a tribe anymore.