The Story of the Waiver Scandal

All the talk about the tribal members submitting their  construction resumes to work on the so called community building is funny but  read further and you’ll see how bad things really are.

The so called general contractor Bobby Our will have one Council officer (guess who), and the spouses of Council members as sub contractors. No word on tribal member participation on the $12 m project.

Waiver me on

They are: Mark Harding, Treasurer , Laura Tobey Miranda’s husband is a sub, and of course the insatiable Yvonne Frye Avant made sure her husband Elliot is at  the head on the line at the tribal ATM.

They gave themselves waivers.  Waivers.  It’s idiotic to think that the USDA is going to ignore the blatant violation of the law because they are justifying their greedy, illegal behavior with a waiver.Numbskulls.

I can't help myself

This building has been on hold for almost a year while Cedric continues his jibber jabber about ” draw downs” from what account, by whom? Markie ? How are you paying USDA back?  Oh still no check?

David Weeden keeps telling people to bring him their “resumes.”  You don’t think they’re going to really employ real tribal members do you.  Heaven forbid. No wonder the BIA shows up unannounced.

Anyone for a waiver?

Oh David, the permits are about to expire……again.  Ain’t you had enough boy?