The “Itty Bitty Taunto Casino” is now “Teenie Tiny”

Memo to CCT : Only 4o  acres of the 135 secured by the Mashpee is casino buildable. That is one of 2 solid lots.  The  second solid lot of  34 acres  is (also detached from the 40), surrounded by water,  swamp and other impediments  that prohibits  a  casino under any circumstances.The remaining acreage is a buck shot of lots that are 3, 5 , and 10 acres scattered around the area.  So The Tribe’s resort casino is supposed to be built on 40 acres.

Okay. And in Taunton.

Great Aaron, Cedric and Mark Harding..  You boys are really smart.

That should impress Governor Duval Patrick who is so very very  interested in helping us. He’s so very very interested in helping us.