The Frye’s are true to their reputation

If you are not a Tribal member, what we are about to tell you will be hard to  believe.Let’s preface that with the fact that Tribal members will not be surprised at all.

Joanne (in pink) stumbled into power by fixing the 2009 election driven by the family's insatiable survival instinct. Joane seen here proudly donning her sister Yvonne campaign propaganda.

Joanne (in pink) stumbled into power by fixing the 2009 election, driven by the family’s insatiable survival instinct. She is seen here proudly donning her sister Yvonne’s campaign propaganda. Notice Yvonne left her maiden name,  Frye, off the literature.

Joanne Frye, whose job title varies from office manager/Elders director and all around “Creator of Major Messes,” put in a reimbursement request for about $160 for Job Fair food she purchased with FOOD STAMPS! Jesus Joanne, you make nearly $80 K, Live in a 184 house, and you’re still on the nickel and dime hustle. It’s a disease, clearly.

It is also a felony to make money off of food stamps.  Course in  tradition of preserving the genre of  the never ending hustle, Messy Jessie Baird, the VP tried to cover it up. The Tribal Administrator wanted to fire Joanne of course….but no.  He doesn’t know about Joanne.  Joanne and her sisters threw the 2009 election that brought this nightmare regime into our lives.

The Frye’s are masters of self preservation at any cost. Any cost. The list of atrocities is a long familiar legacy for this family and honestly, this is a case of Joanne giving all the Frye’s a bad name.  But Joanne has allowed herself to be pawn of other family members, especially her sister Mean Travel Queen…. and taking the hit.  But she’s all alone on this one.

And there’s more cover up concerning Yvonne.  A Tribal member called the Mashpee Enterprise asking why Yvonne’s arrest was not published in the police log printed last Friday. She was in court after all. The Tribal member was accusatory of the paper.   The editor said that they print what the Mashpee Police Department sends them,  and they never got any information on Yvonne, not even as a logged event.  She was put in the cruiser and taken to the police department. Everyone on Route 130 saw that.

Kevin, far left , was demoted in MPD from detective to officer years ago . That Frye gene is something

Kevin, far left , was demoted in MPD from detective to officer years ago for foolishness. That Frye gene is something. A moment of prayer indeed.

How about her brother Mashpee Police officer  Kevin Frye and  head of tribal security, has his finger prints all over this…ya think?That’ a Frye move if you’ve ever seen one…..but everyone knows.  Everyone’s always known.