The firing has begun, Kimmie Frye, ” Sr ” won’t quit, and the nightmare goes on

Department heads were  told to lay people off.  They were also told not to let them work another minute. The only cash flowing into the general revenue fund to pay all  the Fryes, comes from Genting.  It’s gone.  Poof! Very few people who work for the tribe are paid by grants.   Most are paid out of general revenue including certain council members. Broke as a joke they are. Those in line to be fired are already scheming  to take the others job, especially in finance.

Francie in white laughs it up with "BBA"

Word is that Francie  (Frye) who is some sort of executive secretary,  has established her own retirement fund totaling about $20,000. She sits in the council executive sessions that go on for hours.Where she gets the money from is anyone’s guess. But the Frybal Council is imploding.

The turmoil spilled over to the dueling chairman and secretary.  Tah Tah was questioning “Big Brother Almighty’s” use of tribal resources

Big Brother Almighty shrinks, and TFL looks robust !

for his faltering campaign.  Thousands of dollars in postage, socials , Dino’ s, robo calls, and texting .  He also has access to confidential information and phone numbers.  “Big Brother Almighty “was texting tribal members asking for their votes and pleading with them to return the text to confirm their support for him.  He also begged them to get family members to vote for him. He can’t campaign so he’s using the President’s very expensive  tools to corral votes.  He went to Edna Peters house with Mark Harding no less, and they were promptly shown the door. Harding was so beet red he looked like a walking tomato.

Some people say BBA has been so ill it’s clouding his reasoning.  The diabetes, high blood pressure and the heart condition…it all shows.  He looks bad and  and he still trying to save a disastrous reign.

His sister-in-law Kimmie Frye “Sr”, Chair of the Election Committee,  and her sister Cheryl Frye Cromwell  AKA “The First Lady”, were busy with the other part of the election protection  scheme. They were trying to commandeer the mailing list from people who mail the newsletter.

The mail house contacted Joanne Frye to see if the release of the list was authorized.  Joanne said no. Cheryl went into a rage and said it was authorized because she was the chairman’s wife. That may have brought pity but not the list.

This is the chair of the election committee who is the sister-in-law of the chairman and the sister to the council woman married to the chairman, and is once again demanding that they get preferential treatment. The  chair of the election committee should not be the chair of the election committee because it is just wrong.  But clearly she doesn’t know any better. She’s protecting Mark Tilden who is the master of lousy  advice, bad ordinances and over billing.

They have done so much damage to this tribe, they are holding on at any cost.

So they refuse to post the voter list for candidates and tribal members to view. Thumbing their noses at the tribal members demanding a fair election….and daring the Feds to do something about it. So now they claim to have passed a resolution so they don’t have to post it. But how do we know what they did? Where are the minutes? How do you know if it were done properly? They tried to bamboozle us recently with  Mark Tilden- Kimmie Frye “Sr” election ordinance that was not passed properly. Now the list is confidential? Who knows…they keep changing the rules.

The only way Cedric, Jessie,Mark and Selena  win is  with the votes of Jessie’s illegal Casino Stalkers…..just like they did last time. But if the Stalkers show up they still face some real embarrassment.

Aho Bro .