The Eyes of Silent Drum

Silent Drum contemplates.

Vernon Lopez, our Tribe’s traditional chief, has traveled a long road in his 92 years.  From his boyhood in our little community to the D-Day invasion, from toiling in the Brockton shoe factories to being elected chief, many things have passed before his eyes.  Now his aged eyes are seeing things that, unfortunately, younger eyes may be missing.

In a surprising revelation in an Associated Press article, Chief Lopez expressed “mixed feelings” about Cedric Cromwell’s continued efforts at building a casino.  The Miami Herald article is linked here because they did not eliminate the sentence “But he does worry it could leave the tribe in debt or be a corrupting influence.” Many local outlets omitted it, I wonder why?

Ever true to his desire not to involve himself in partisanship, Silent Drum is the soul of subtlety in making his feelings known.  As we here at ReelWamps, and many out there in “Wamp country” know,  we already have monumental debt and rampant corruption in our Tribal government.  I fear the consequences forced on our people by the Cromwell administration.

I pray that the Chief’s aged eyes never have to see the worst of it.

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