The Chairman’s legacy of deceit

The USDA loan for the Community Center, secured by the previous administration.Cromwell and Harding get the check. As usual, no one knows the status of the millions for the center.

The latest investigative report  by Wampaleaks goes to the heart of tribal concerns.  Was Cedric Cromwell and his slate duly elected? Do the Mashpee have a means of resolving the issue of legitimacy?   The answer is no to both questions. This administration never set up a tribal court  because they failed to get our land into trust.  Again they never understood that process and literally did not know how to proceed.The tribe has been helpless, as the Cromwell Administration  takes advantage of this limbo status and continues to operate in secrecy.  And the debt to the Malaysians is reportedly upwards of  $24 million.  Who knows ?

This administration is clearly abusing it’s legitimate 1700 members.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs was made aware of the  2009 February election debacle in great detail,  shortly after it occurred.  The Obama Administration was in transition then, but it’s clear that, unlike the Bush administration that refused to intervene in Indian government affairs, the BIA is looking into governmental abuse. The BIA said that as soon as Cromwell violates the  tribal constitution  they can step in.  Most recently, the Council did just that by  giving themselves the authority to sell off tribal land, what very little we have.  Clearly this will go into effect when they run out of money again.  Selling tribal land is an absolute constitutional taboo.  With the help of  Native attorney  Mark Tilden, the Council skipped the proper procedure which is to place the issue on a ballot for a tribal vote.  It’s supposed to be  difficult  to change the  constitution. And rightfully so. Not with this group.

WampaLeaks reminded us that the chairman has great difficulty with the truth as noted with his grossly exaggerated education and professional credentials.  But the claims that he ” grew up in the tribal community ” is the most insulting and egregious untruth. Traditionalist can still be heard howling on that one.  But worst of all. Cromwell has done a fabulous job of disenfranchising the Mashpee like no other chairman or sachem (self appointed or not) in its history. These are not political resume pontifications, but confirmation that he his not  an honest broker.

The tribe is actually  occupied by a foreign government.  One consolation is that further close scrutiny of Aaron Tobey, Marie Stone and that charming tribal treasurer Mark Harding will provide further proof to substantiate why we’re under siege. The movie rights will be priceless !