The $2,846,664.00 Question

Here are the salaries of paid Council members:

Cedric   $125,000

Cheryl       $65,000

Jessie       $98,000

Robbie      $74,000

Trish          $60,000

Yvonne      $68,000

Marie         $68,000

Bobbie      $52,000

It all amounts to about $ 50,833.00 a month and about $ 12,000 a week. So you would think that between 8 Council members getting paid salaries like these, they would find a lousy $7,000.00 a month for some pathetic $30  food cards. It would average out to about $200 per Council member.   Those making more should pay more obviously, but the fact remains that these people are not representing us, they are blatantly exploiting us, and  it just keeps going and going and going. They are horrible.