That Ghetto fabulous crew on tour

Let’s start with the most ridiculous but the most entertaining scoundrel on  the Council staff….you know him….

Bobby Boo

” Eattin’ off the White mans plate,”  ” I’ll never give you the 2008 Pow Wow Report,”  “I stay so drunk I can’t remember what state I’m in or how many kids I got or by whom” and ” I love to lie about my income cause I don ‘t wanna pay my child support and I own 2 escalates…on $1600 a month.”!  The state should be happy to know that.

You know him Cedric’s do boy….Bobby ” I ain’t got a GED either!” Foster.   God won’t he stop? Neva! Fascinating in that his mother does his 1040.

On to the Ghetto Fabulous mistreatment of the Elders and children.  The  Children’s basketball team and 16 cheerleaders headed to the annual tournament in Connecticut.  While the kids stayed at a dump 30 minutes away, sleeping in chairs because there wasn’t enough money for rooms.  Meanwhile the chaperons partied and left the cheerleaders unsupervised  staying at posh Foxwoods.  Cedric, his crew and the ” bomber jacket Elders “…rode in limos to the game.  Cedric did his screaming yelling, pretentious enthusiasm for the kids , making a fool of himself as usual. $2,000 was allocated for the kids food.  About $150 was spent on these kids and that was a  generous estimate.

If  Bobby would pay his child support and Cedric would take better care of our  tribe, the kids and Elders, we could jump start the Massachusetts economy without a casino…we ain’t gettin’ paid anyway. Only Grungy Boy and his Council members.

The same thing happened to the Elders who took Genting up on it’s offer to go to their slot dump in  Queens New York.  What a  mess.  The little Genting spokesman offered up propaganda…and the Elders sleeping in crappy accommodations all for a $10 gaming gift card. Big spenders Genting is eh? Bet they won’t be hanging out with them anymore.