“Takeittohigher judge!”

The Elders Judiciary committee has been complaining about Tribal Supreme Court Judge Henry Sockbeson recently and once again went to the Tribal Council to complain some more. Oh, yah…everyone but that big time Native American advocate Harold Tobey, who wants to keep Henry as the head of the phoney court.

Harold’s  devotion to Henry may have something to do with the fact that several lawsuits are pending that say Harold did not meet the criteria to be a tribal member. Being that Sockbeson is notorious for allowing cases to languish ( David Pocknett 16-18 months) and randomly dismisses cases, Henry is Harold’s kind of guy.

Well the committee says Sockbeson ignores them and won’t tell them anything ….like what he’s doing with the budget. Well of course he ignores them. He takes orders from  Cedric and that crack team of million dollar lawyers that find any excuse to bill the Tribe. They allowed it to go on for 4 years.

Mills, Tobey & Sockbeson sign contracts

The legal battles about to ensue could prove very embarrassing to the extremely pious Elders Judiciary who march along with Cedric. The record of the court speaks clearly of its role….to oppress any member seeking a resolution to an issue. Or to harass tribal members. The court is to be exposed.  We have the unique problem of having a court that has no authority to do anything or enforce any ruling.

Clearly the EJC is getting no counsel from Navajo Joe ( golf buddy of Henry ).   So they asked the Council to order King Henry to act right.  They also wanted  to pass some ordinances to get the King in line. They weren’t too sure what to do…but it’s clear he’s Cedric’s boy so getting rid of King Henry may be tough.

Now Robert Mills is front and center to be judge.   A tribal member. Too many conflicts.   The closeness might even make one think they could discourage people from filing suit…..ya think?   Conflicts all around us.

Well, if you don’t like it file suit in the Tribal Court.