Symbolic rhetoric is no defense against the scourge of addiction

Pow wow themes come and go but this years rings hollow and is hurtful.  To talk about fighting our huge addiction issues when the head of the program was just recently arrested for drunk driving in itself is atrocious.  Kimmie Frye, “Sr” was not reprimanded nor was she fired. 

So how do you cure the problem and keep our children from becoming addicted, when the addicted are posing as directors of the programs making addiction the new normal? Disgusting.

17 deaths in 13 months. 17 deaths in 13 months. Proof that the Wicked Wamp 9 are indifferent to a prolific killer of our people. It is so outrageous it’s hard to even talk about.

But this is a Fryebal Council trait. You cannot shame them into doing the right thing.