Stealth governance: when were they going to tell us?

The Tribe’s ugly and poorly maintained website has nothing; nobody on facebook has posted anything.  So when was the Tribal Council going to notify the Tribe at large about the event taking place Saturday at the Meetinghouse?  I had to learn about it from the “grapevine.”  They are going to choose a chief, so they tell me.  Isn’t this a solemn proceeding that involves all Tribe members, not just the “chosen” supporters and dupes of Cromwell & Co.?

In choosing the traditional offices such as chief or medicine man, the Tribal Council has no more input than ordinary members.  It is not too difficult to understand their program:  put in a bobble-head robot who will agree with all of Cromwell’s dictates as a voting member of the Council.  They demonstrated this with their inexcusable abuse of Chief Lopez.  Now they are beginning to panic.  Their power is beginning to erode now that the hopes of a casino become as remote as a reservation at the Shangri-La Hilton.

I know it is short notice, but please, please show up at the Meetinghouse at 10:30 Saturday Morning and ask the hard questions.  Let us together rescue our tribe from these usurpers.