Stating the obvious….Cedric Cromwell must resign

We all know that the Tribal Council does nothing for the millions they get paid.  But they confirm it by not holding the constitutionally required council meetings.  At one point recently the council failed to meet 6

 This damned blasphemy alone is grounds for Ceddie's ouster. Like this head dress, everything was done wrong by "Play Play Indian." We can't get a break...

This damned blasphemy alone is grounds for Ceddie’s ouster. Like this head dress, everything was done wrong by “Play Play Indian.” We can’t get a break…

times in a row.  But who’s counting? Surely not Tah Tah.  She’s too busy looking for sympathy on Facebook for ” all the abuse she takes from Cedric.” That sandal continues to unravel along with others involving the philandering chairman.

Most recently they have cancelled another 4 meetings in a row for lack of a quorum. Tell you what, those numbskulls can find a quorum when they get ready to borrow more money to pay themselves and their GED-less, license-less, felony ridden Fryes on the payroll. And get this, they were trying to get more of their relatives hired  to work for contractors and they were rejected because none of them have licenses or a GEDs. So much for our education program eh ?  Course we have several Council members and top administrators driving around without licenses and everyone in the Tribe knows who they are.

Messy Jessie, who does nothing but make fools of us in public, continues to hire her children and repeat offenders as assistants. She doesn’t do a damned thing but run her mouth about stuff she knows nothing about. Now she’s shifting ICWA cases to the tribal court.  These are our weakest members who cannot defend themselves or their children.  So she uses them as guinea pigs because of that weakness.  Our Tribal Court is in no way capable of handling these sensitive issues for our most vulnerable members and families.THE BARNSTABLE COURT SHOULD NOT BEND TO THIS ATROCITY BECAUSE THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND INDIAN LAW.  There is no public defender to represent these members but Messy is trying to validate the Tribal Court at the expense of our weakest people.  She’s begging for a lawsuit.

Back to the assistants. So why does she need assistants? Recently, one of these “assistants” was fired, remarkably, for doing  drugs in the bathroom. Now, its pretty obvious that a person with drug issues is

Messy Jessie, the Sarah Palin of the MWT, is in her glory with all eyes on her at the Mass Gaming Commission. Tribal members cringe. She was elected by the casino stalkers she put on the roll not considered legitimate members.

Ceddie prays for her to stop. But Messy Jessie, the Sarah Palin of the MWT, is in her glory with all eyes on her at the Mass Gaming Commission meeting as Tribal members cringe. She was elected by the casino stalkers she put on the roll who are not considered legitimate members.

going to be known.  Everyone in the tribe knew this person has serious problems.  But to top it off, the head of the substance abuse program was a witness to it day in day out and ….well? That’s proof that the complaints about that director are true and real. Tribal members say the person heading this critical tribal program…has no business holding the position.   She has no experience according to those who would know, and she does not know the tribal members, which is essential to running a program that sensitive. Ceddie and Jessie do not give a damn about helping our tribal members in crisis.

Cedric and Messy Jessie continue to display gross negligence in their duties as

CEddie and Messy surrounded by Fryes..The Deaconess , Francie (Frye) cooing at her embattled boss.

Ceddie and Messy surrounded by Fryes..”The Deaconess” (right), Francie (Frye), cooing for her embattled boss.

the supposed leaders of our Tribe. While they may not be Fryes, the Fryes occupy 90% the tribal jobs and control Ceddie and Messy. All other workers are ingratiated because they don’t know any better or are desperate for work.

Tribal members have yet to figure out that they can end the nightmare and restore the tribe by simply turning out  to vote. There are more Peters, Hendricks,Oakleys Hicks, Pocknetts, Mills, Newcombs and yes, Tobeys than Fryes.

And we should go back to a hand written ballot.  Cedric Cromwell  has been programing the results of those  voting machines right under our noses and laughing all the way to the bank with millions in pay checks. The voting machines that we use are designed to accommodate tens of thousands of voters, not 600-800 voters.  It is better to do a hand count of written ballots in front of everyone than rely on Cedric and his peeps. They prey on the fact that members don’t know what to look for with the electronic voting machines so you have these voting monitors lead by Pauline Peters, sitting out in front of the members waiting for the vote tally from the Administration that has it all rigged up nicely on a separate  SD card. And Navajo Joe stands guard.


The worst part of all is that Ceddie and Jessie are both Tobeys  (and so is Robbie)  and they never did a thing for their own family.  The Fryes played them like loaded dice. The Tobeys got screwed royally by their own people at the very top.

But one more thing.  Before the Fryebal Council got this $200 m, they got an $8 m loan to run the Tribe wink wink..  Cedric only got his hands on $3m because the other $5m was interest to Genting.

Just living the life fantastic.

Cedric and Jessie must resign.