So it’s like that ehhhhhhhh?

Hey Henry, did you think you were a real judge or was it just to get a paycheck?

Tribal Judge Henry Socobasin is very unpopular with the Council these days.  For a couple of reasons. Daryl Tavares filed suit (from Barnstable County Jail) saying essentially that since the federal funding given the Tribe is for the Tribal members, they have a right to monitor it and see how it’s spent  etc.  You know transparency at best. Well  course! In the real world this is how it works…but in the Fryebal Council, it is not welcomed.

Well lower court Judge Robert Mills went along with the Fryebal Council concept saying the Tavares challenge was not valid because the Tribe was sovereign.  It was kicked up to Socobasin who said no not so.  He said the Tribe’s sovereignty was  spotty at best and does not apply to the question of federal funds. Course as we all know the feds rule. That’s the land in trust bugga boo we constantly talk about.

Well  people, the Fryebal Council went nuts…started passing all kinds of ordinances and resolutions ( violating the Constitutions for the umpteenth time) prohibiting the tribal members from even requesting financial documents and information from Housing in particular. It doesn’t matter anyway because no one gets anything from these birds who are clearly suffering from an extreme case of corruption.

Well, Socobasin agreed with Tavares, and refused to dismiss the case, so now CeddieLou and his peeps are going to hold a hearing on the 23rd to fire their former buddy. That would be Henry Socobasin, Pretender to the Tribal Supreme Court.

Ironically, Henry Socobasin is confirming what Reel Wamps has been saying for 5 years.  The Tribal Court is a worthless tribunal because it has no authority to do anything, without land in trust. Even though his ruling has no weight, it’s on the record confirming that the tribe is sovereign in name only. Henry and all the rest on the gravy train have been partying, golfing,and  eating lobster on the backs of our ancestors who brought us to a place where would would finally be able to hold our heads up. Now we’re ruined.

The Judicary Committee never did a thing either but mumble and complain …nothing to help us.   They did ensure that a lot of lawyers got paid to fight and ridicule tribal members. Guess what? We didn’t even have public defenders!!!!! We had to hire our own lawyers. The Judiciary Committee was so important weren’t they. Of course they’re all pals with the Fryebal Council.

Just like his former buddies on the Fryebal Council, Socobasin has been getting paid all these years to steal us blind and produce nothing….but injustice.