So freakin’ predictable


It’s very very sad but all of it was predictable.  We said so on Reel Wamps.  What did we say?

That the MWT was NEVER under Federal jurisdiction, therefor the BIA could not take the Land Into Trust.

That Mashpee was a state “plantation” and became a town in 1876 which is further proof of the absence of federalization. And that the BIA had already acknowledged  this fact during our recognition process.This is why the BIA LIT decision is laughable at best.

That we had no historic ties to Taunton

That the LIT would not hold up and that the BIA would be sued because their decision was so seriously “flawed.”

That the Tribe cannot meet the requirements of (a $500 million resort casino) the state Compact nor can it pay the original investors ($60 million) as mandated by the Compact.

That the Massachusetts Gaming Commission would have to consider what is in the state’s best interest and issue a license to a reliable gaming interest.

That Cedric never intended to build the resort casino. He was only fronting the Tribe for a pay check.  Now that everyone knows the scam, Shovel Ready Ceddie says he plans  to build a minimal gaming facility where the warehouse is located in Taunton.

Experts and the world knows that banks don’t consider casinos a good investment.   And now it has become clear that Shovel Ready Ceddie is unable to get the outside financing to build a $500 m casino, so ….its easy to understand why there is no evidence of anything happening regarding the construction of the itti bitti  “No Light Casino” .

More importantly a recent article confirmed what we have said for the last 2 years courtesy of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission spokeswoman Kristen Cullen, who was totally unabashed in her candor about the Tribes’ so called casino and the BIA LIT decision.:

Ultimately, a Brockton casino would make the most money for the state and a Taunton casino the least, Cullen said.

“It’s a risk. There’s a good chance this land in trust decision is overturned,” she said. “The East Taunton residents have a strong case and it’s important to remember a Brockton casino will bring significant revenue to the state.”

                                                                        From The Cape Cod Times 2/12/16

So we all know where this is going right? It’s very likely the MGC will issue a license to the Brockton group because of the lawsuit filed, the LIT being overturned, Cedric’s inability to build a big casino and pay off the old investors. The strategy to bad mouth the Mass Gaming Commission does not seem particularly effective nor does the planted story about CERA. The story finally says that CERA has nothing to do with the lawsuit plaintiffs filed or underwriting the case.So the piece  is confusing if you don’t read closely.

The newspaper keeps using this misleasing photo of the MWT $500 m casino that will never be built. How about an update?

The newspaper keeps using this misleading photo of the MWT $500 m casino that will never be built. How about an update?

It was all so predictable. Take a look at Ceddie spending $14m on numerous redos of the architectural renderings of the “Most Exotic & Mysterious Mashpee Wampanoag Casino” that is now   the shoe box version without authorization or financing. Where’s that drawing ? Of the shoe box that is.

The pay checks keep coming whether the casino is built or not.  The funding for the phantom tribal government came through for just that reason.

Cedric’s poor leadership and crooked regime has brought us to this awful place. He never planned to deliver and he never knew how.

Cedric Cromwell must resign.