Shattered dreams

The meeting last night was the continuation of the demoralization of the Tribe.  No answers, no plan, which effectively erases our future. Many of our people held out hope against hope that there was a casino in our future.  Now we are worse off than we were 40 years ago.

A real Mashpee would have had a true economic development plan in place 3.5 years ago, it’s the back up the government requires and it would have utilized the heritage that has helped us survive for centuries…. we would have had a plan B….the living heritage, aqua farming, hunting and fishing guides, indigenous cooking and on an on….but instead you had Greg Mckiney, totally disconnected, heading up the Economic development committee full more condescending tribal members who are clueless about the Mashpee Wampanoag and how to put our people to work. They produced nothing. It’s stupid confirming that Cedric knows nothing about Mashpee.  You can’t fix what ya don’t know.

This is one big hustle for Cedric that has come to a bad end.

There are 2 ” True Mashpee” on that Council, and you know who they are.   The others are an incompetent group who are showing up to see when the members are going to melt down. There’s nothing to front for anymore.  As the Genting money evaporates and the jobs disappear you will see less and less of Yvonne, Cheryl, that crackpot Jessie, Marge who is retiring…suddenly. And Cedric will disappear leaving us to worry about the debt.  Robbie, well, he’s still playing catch up or something.  He never asked anyone for help.Instead of bringing the nightmare to an end,  he fell in with the loosers.  Disappointing.

Cedric thinks he has no worries.   You can get as mad as you want.   You are helpless against a phantom government that has been telling you

” we’ll get back to you on that.” But he knows his legacy is one worse than any thing in our history.

The White lawyers and PR people walk away with millions because Cedric signs the contracts.  They keep giving Cedric bad advice and he keeps taking it….and they keep billing.


Cedric should resign along with Yvonne, Marie, Cheryl, Trish and anyone else that wants to help pull us out of the ditch. The elections committee should resign. Anyone who asks Earl Mills for his ID is not worthy of monitoring an election. The economic development committee fiasco should resign, Jessie should resign. She’s been beating the hell out of us for years. Jesus, how much scamming can we take.  The pine needles and sea foam is an absolute outrage. Is she back from her vacation yet? Smart to disappear when you know you bull—-isn’t going to help us get a casino.

We get a $30 food card.  Ain’t that great ? Ain’t that just dreamy?