Self Serving

The echo chamber (tribal government center)had a little activity last week, but, sad to say, it only confirmed the pathetic state of affairs in the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal government. The leadership is leader—less.

A tribal member named Larry B went to the tribal office to get help. Now keep on mind this guy was a big visible supporter of Cedric’s.  He’s the guy to the immediate right of tearful Cedric’s clenched Dorchester power fist.

Cedric worries not for the Mashpee but for his bank account victory.

Well, Larry B marched into Ceddie’s office confident he would get some help.

Cedric says ” You ain’t even Mashpee.”

Now this is coming from the guy that Glenn Marshall and Patty Oakley had to define the ROLL to and help him get on the ROLL so he wouldn’t take us  under.  The damned fool isn’t even one of the 1001.  Ask him what that means. Good luck on that too….cause his family is not even close to be part of it…but Larry B’s is.

Anyhow Larry B throws his head back and says, ” What ? You ain’t nothing but a ” Dorchester nigg–.”

Ouch! WampaLeaks said that too after researching the guy.

Larry B is dragged out of the echo chamber by the less than busy security hired to protect the frightened tribal chairman.

Poor Cedric.  He don’t get no respect.  He did a great job of destroying us in Indian Country with all his stupid hub bub and made up tradition and record breaking indebtedness of a tiny tribe.  Anyone with Google can search our tribe and see that all Jessie’s fabrication is just that.  If no one in the tribe believes Jessie, why should anyone else. There’s no land in trust on the horizon. But there’s a lot of debt.

Almost a billion for a faculty that will never be built. And upwards of nearly 60 million funneled through tribal Gaming Commission without a casino….better believe  the FBI is eyeballing this.

Can’t you just see all of them pointing at each other squealing especially Bobby, he always breaks down.  Anyone who get’s paid to go to funerals is slimy.

Well its come to that…When Cedric, Jessie, Robbie and Tah Tah are leading us.  Okay.  No more reminders.

Ain't that cunnin'. Maybe we can sell that robe and buy some food cards or maybe that fancy school will give us some scholarships. Heh heh.

You got nothing…Cedric get’s an HONORARY degree from Sulfolk law. It’s totally superficial. It’s like  a  plaque.  Cedric and Cheryl are so ghetto, so uneducated they think it means something, or they’re running game on our people who don’t know any better.You’re paying millions to  those lawyers who have brought us nothing for 5 years.And you accepted an honorary degree for bending over, to keep that pay check.

What are you doing for our kids, our elders, our future? We cannot blame the White man.  These non Mashpee are devouring us.