Rogue Nation

A government gone rouge

A government gone rouge

Riddle me this…..Who votes to give themselves huge raises when they don’t have a quorum ? You got it.  The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council officers. Robert Dias did not attend the meeting. Carlton Hendricks  Jr. was there for the start of the meeting but when it was clear they were going to increase their salaries yet again, he left the meeting intentionally, after giving them a few choice words.

This is why the Pechanga Tribe is asking the US Attorney General to investigate the Bureau of Indian affairs.  Tribal nations are suffering under the corrupt leadership of governments that abuse their authority  and hide behind their sovereign status. Basically doing whatever they want. The Bureau has turned a blind eye to this blatant abuse for decades.

We’re just getting a taste of it all.  The horror of the worst in the Tribe taking revenge on us.

Look at these salary raises ;

Shovel Ready Ceddie  $125,000.00 – $147,000.00

Messy Jessie raised to $109,000.00. Messy should be fined for subjecting us to all her wacky ideas and machinations that are just rampant.She finally got the power she craved just like TFL, her old ” Road Dog” (ahem…) but never got the respect.  Memories are to long and vivid in Mashpee for all that.  Too vivid for the both of them.

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members...nothing

Big raises and nothing for Tribal members…nothing.

Tah Tah   $66,000.00 – $82,000.00 And get this, she works from home, has 3 assistants and they still can’t get the minutes right or caught up ! But who cares !  This is Rogue Nation.

Robbie Hendricks $71,000.00 – $91,000.00. Course Marge is still running things from home because Robbie is not capable, for a variety of reasons.

The First  Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell $56,000 -$72,000.00.  Cheryl is such a hypocrite.  It is hard to imagine how she looks in the mirror.  She had it so hard and yet she has zero empathy for those of us that struggle.

Even Bobbie Foster got a raise !  Whatever it is, it’s too much for that guy ! The repo man need not worry…he’ll still be in play. Oh yah, you’ll be glad to know that they got him on his back child support.

They agreed to do the raises after they paid $35,000.00 for a survey justifying it.  Of course the company completely ripped them off, by comparing apples ( MWT ) to other cities and tribes that in no way resemble us in size, income or tax base.  Which means since we are not self sustaining, and we are not a gaming tribe, there is nothing to compare us to.  And this Council has less than 1,000 people to actually govern, ha ha..or whatever.

No one knows exactly what any of them do. They can’t even return a phone call. They don’t come to work.  In fact no one comes to work except the people in the health department under IHS.

$790,000.00 a year in salaries for people who do absolutely nothing for us. They vote themselves a raise without having a quorum ( legal number of people present) to do it. NO RULES.


We owe $130,000,000.00 to the Chinese. Robbie was bragging that Genting will loan us up to $250,000,000.00.  Jesus.  Have they no shame?

That’s a lot a yard work boy. Rogue Nation on blast.