Repairing The Damage

Sometimes disaster happens.  A window is broken, a dam bursts, you have a fender bender.  In each case, you call the one who will repair the damage, a glazier, an engineer, an auto body specialist.  Pretty simple, something breaks, call the man.  What happens when an Indian Tribe is broken?  Who do you call?

Wait a minute, what do I mean by broken?  Well, glad you asked.

  • The Cromwell administration has destroyed the integrity of our membership and the democratic process by packing the Tribal rolls with people not qualified for membership to insure that he has a dependable pool of friendly voters.
  • The Cromwell administration has, in their haste to install their own team, stiffed vendors and investors to the tune of millions.
  • The Cromwell administration has saddled our Tribe with an overwhelming debt, without any hope of a return for the Tribe.
  • The Cromwell administration has alienated Tribal elders and any members with dissenting opinions, and attempted to disenfranchise and silence them.
  • The Cromwell administration has arrogantly ignored the material and spiritual needs of Tribe members.
  • I could go on, but you get the picture.

Given the magnitude of this disaster, who on Earth can we call to repair the damage?  May I suggest the man with the smile and handshake for all, but beholden to none; the man with the skill to set us back on the road to success, the man who will make us once again proud to proclaim  Mashpee as our name?