Protect Cedric’s Job And Revenue

I thought that it was all wrapped up.  Cedric has assured us that the advantage is ours in the running for a casino in SE Mass.  From the tone of desperation in the ad that our public relations people have put up on YouTube, I am sensing otherwise.  If a Tribal casino in Taunton is such a sure thing, why would we have to pay Brooke Scannell big money to create a commercial that is as inaccurate as it is desperate.

First of all, we do not have a “federal right” to a casino.  We have a Massachusetts legislated advantage that is predicated on our ability to get our lands placed into trust by the BIA.  I don’t see this happening any time soon.  The same inept and feckless leadership that has led us down more than one dead end dirt road is about to lead its followers over a cliff.

Secondly, the theme of this production is “jobs and revenue.”  Jobs for whom?  Genting, or some one of its divisions will be the casino management.  They will certainly employ whomever they want to, Tribe members may be offered a few menial jobs, maybe Cedric’s pals will get something a little better, but seriously, who is going to drive the hundred or so miles round  trip to be a lavatory attendant or wash floors?  And revenue?  Revenue for Genting, revenue for the Commonwealth, revenue for Taunton; what about revenue for the Tribe?  Maybe a little bit will come our way, oh, in a decade or so.  Bah!

Thirdly, to be bluntly realistic, the State Gaming Commission is not there for the convenience and benefit of the Tribe.  They are entirely accountable to the citizens and taxpayers of the Commonwealth.  To attack them is an exercise in futility.

Had Cromwell & Co. pursued a more prudent path instead of their vindictive efforts to wipe away all traces of the previous administration, we might have already built a casino in Middleborough.  And while we’re at it, we would also have a very nice community center.  Keep following this jerk.  You will get just what you deserve.