Pow Wow throw down

Herrin' & Roe watchin' the Pow Wow Committee rebel.

Herrin’ & Roe watchin’ the Pow Wow Committee rebel.

Herrin’ : “You know the Pow Wow committee is goin’ rogue.”

Roe : ” Rouge, how?”

Herrin’: They’re takin’ aim at the big chic….big smile, big body, big plans, and big brawler.

Roe: “Oh, the First Lady…yeah okay. So the Pow wow Committee did what?”

Herrin’ : “It was a historic moment. Really man.  Unbelievable.  They made some serious moves. They decided to ban council members from Pow Wow dance competition.

Roe: ” You’re kiddin’.  That’s somethin’. Ahhhhhhhh, but ah, nobody on the council competes but the First Lady.”

Herrin’ : ” Right and she takes that prize money like she’s still livin’ in the Church Homes..”

Roe: ” Well, you know the few tribal members that go to the circus say its a shame she

The First Lady can't get no respect either. Mybe she should try to stop acting so ghetto. Just a suggestion.

The First Lady can’t get no respect either. Maybe she should try to stop acting so ghetto. Just a suggestion.

and..what a they call him…Shovel Ready, make all that money….millions of dollars, and still take money from the contests.”

Herrin’:  ” No class.”

Roe: ” No class.”

Herin’ :  “That damned Cheryl Frye was smokin’ boy.  She was runnin’ outta the building like her hair was on fire.”

Roe:  ‘What happened to them Fryes?  Jesus.  They’re like man eattin’ fish now a days.”

Herrin’ : “Who knows.Maybe they’re dormant aliens who were awakened after years of sleep.  You know nobody understands them.”

Roe; ” Can’t call them ” sleepy” anymore.  They’re rabid.”

Herrin’: “Yah. Well, anyhow,  they put one more on The First Lady tho.  She ain’t runnin’ the health booth anymore.  Yeah. She ain’t gettin’ paid $2,000 to run that thing and hire a bunch of Frye-a-laters at $25 an hour to be no shows.

Herin’: ” I think all that crap is played out.  The Pow Wow committee may start a revolution with baby steps.

Roe: ” They better make dancers show Indian ID to dance. That’s what they otta do.

Herrin’: ” Don’t get ahead of yourself. One thing for sure,  they don’t like Cheryl.

Roe: ” Is it goinna warm up?”

Herrin’: Do I look like the weatha man to you?”

Roe:”  Won’t tell ya what you look like.  You know we missed the Elders meetin’.  They say they’re lookin’ for some money missin’.”

Herrin’: ” Don’t give a damn.  With Joanne Frye in charge now, who the hell knows what going’ to happen’ next.”

Roe: ” There’s Norman, let’s geta beer.”