Paranoia sets in

Fear and loathing people….fear and loathing.

Tonight’s council meeting is going to be a doozie.  It is the only thing Shovel Ready Ceddie has ever done that has the slightest semblance of  transparency. His paranoia is oozing through the pathetic double talk revealing an agenda loaded with items designed to end tribal members free speech. Exactly, and if they don’t like what you’re saying, you’re shunned, for a length of time befitting your outburst. All decided by the Council. And they don’t give a care if you like it or not. They work for Genting not you.

You may recall that the original shunning idea was the brain child of Vice Chair Jessie Baird,  that bastion of fantasy reasoning and famous self aggrandizement This latest shunning effort is likely hers. Poor Jessie, she never resolved her self esteem issues.  She will do anything to be important Her Tobey relatives still bare the scares of her last shunning episode.

When you’re corrupt,  you have to cover up.

Since the Tribe is sovereign in name only, you still have to follow US law. Free speech cannot be impeded, and the other problem is the lame attempt to cover up all the illegal activity in Housing. more about that later.

The other constitutional violation says that anyone running for the Council has to be a full time  employee of the Council. Who will leave their jobs to risk going to jail? This is totally transparent and targets Carlton Hendricks, Jr., Laura Miranda and others preparing to run in Feb. Why don’t they pay them part time now, if they’re so interested? If you’re working for the Council you damned sure aren’t going to challenge wrong doing and loose a pay check..And as we all know, Shovel Ready Ceddie and his crew are desperate to keep a lid on the gross theft and negligence that surrounds the Gaming Commission in particular.

Currently, tribal members have no knowledge or say in what happens to the over $ 2m a month funneled into the Gaming Commission…..that has no casino to govern or any prayer for a casino in the near future. We do know that $900,000 a month goes to Genting’s architect to redo the casino ( that will never be built).  If that ain’t money laundering what is? Genting knows we’re not good for anything else cause LIT ain’t happening cause the BIA can’t take the LIT even if we meet all the requirements  Jessie said LIT was going to happen in July. now Shovel Ready Ceddie says November.  Nobody’s listening anymore.

On to the funny stuff:

Marge launches search for financial documents-Somebody  got a hold of the Genting financial plans and left them in the copy machine. It says the gaming giant will cut us off at $150 million.  Jez…we’re at $90m now.  They just got another $10 m. Form a search committee Marge, they’ll help you find it.  Only requirement is that everyone has to be sober.

Shovel Ready Ceddie calls security…Actually “SRC” is so frightened he has Mashpee police on duty all the time…parked in front of  the Echo Chamber.  He can hire the cops, but he won’t pay for the things tribal members need.  But we got that $90m debt and his bobble head embarrassing us at every turn.

After 4 years of blatant mismanagement and discriminatory practices. Housing has a new supposedly permanent director from New Bedford, named Diedra Lopes.  Ms Lopes, you’re in our prayers.

Valerie shredded everything and screwed up the Housing files: This is according to our top notch Housing Committee that has worked so hard for tribal members for 5 years.The same Housing Committee that has as members the Tribal Secretary Tah Tah and her mother Carol who do as they please and take what they want from the till….unchecked. More later on the Housing Horrors. So don’t worry about all the  things that Tah Tah, Valerie and Leon did….HUD will find them quick, fast and in a hurry.