The Federal Court — 

Drawing a Bead on the Administration

A tribal member has collected her own evidence and a host of emails that she presented it to the Federal District Court in Boston and there’s a pretty good chance that the court is going to take a look at it being that the court waived the filing fees. The Tribal member wants the court to examine   the expenditures the council officers  made on the American Express credit cards.  The scandal was off the chain (see December 3, 2011 story).  There seems to be a precedent for judicial review in light of the fact that the Pequot brothers, the former chairman and treasurer are headed to jail for their credit card atrocities.  The court has a case to point to in order to move forward. Ya see ? And there is yet another federal case that is even more ominous for the the Cromwell Clown Show.  That’s a discussion for another time. However,  the timing of the AMEX scandal is another example of what happens when unqualified people are in charge of a tribe.

Museum Chairs Returned and New PR Director Urges Censorship

Emails were flying telling people not to pay attention to Reel Wamps and Pauline Peters, the unpaid PR maven, was on a rant that was clearly coming from a person who was not only  misguided but clearly not connected to the very interesting goings on in Mashpee.  She’s really passionate and all but come on. Her propaganda comes from a confidant who is not only foreign to Mashpee but is not very nice to Elders. Actually abusive to Elders.  Serious domestic violence. Course everyone one in Mashpee knows about this person but  Pauline.  But she allows herself to be used by this person and others take advantage of her bitterness that spills out all over the place. She is clueless. Whatever.  Pauline should concentrate her energy on getting people to visit the museum. Few people visit the  museum.  Put your energy into educating people about us and getting them to learn our proud history instead of defending people who laugh at you as they drive down Rt. 130.

YVONNE TOBEYTake a Civics Course

Yvonne Tobey is a little different.  She’s a Tobey.  She brought a envelope to the meeting last week and she handed it to her sworn enemy Carlton Hendricks Jr.  He looked at it, laughed and handed it to everyone in the room and they laughed.  She was filing suit against him in the non existent  Tribal Court. He is her boss who questioned why she did a lot of really stupid stuff. Like giving Aaron $700 for his resume?  She claimed he was verbally abusive because he asked her questions.  He voted against giving her a raise.  Why? He’s her boss. And she does a lousy job of getting our people jobs.  Being a Tobey comes with serious baggage.  Maybe she doesn’t know.  They will be branded with the degradation of the Tribe.  We were soaring.  Now we are a joke. Jessie, Cedric, Cheryl and Tah Tah with her warrants and madness still allowed to serve on the Council.  Who would take us seriously?

The Feds are Circling

The HUD housing program is so messed up that people are betting on the number of housing committee members that are going to tell on Leon Jacobs.  Course he and Cedric were approving extensions for Joanne and her sister Nancy Joseph without even consulting the commission.  God they are pathetic.  Worse yet, the commission never did a damned thing to stop it. Nothing, and certain ones are trying to paint a picture of horror at what’s going on. It’s been going on for 4.5 years.  Come on.

Tobey Terror, Frybal Council Ignorance