Oh No Dr. Jo flees empty & funky surroundings

Shovel Ready Ceddie and pal Jessie photo opt on fancy exercise equipment in the funky and empty tribal building.

The MWT Tribal Administrator returned from his 2 week vacation and tendered his resignation.  Everyone was betting (literally) that he would quit.He said he couldn’t do his job properly because the council and department heads go around him and do as they please.  He tried to put best practices in place, but the Fryebal Council does not adhere to anything but hiring relatives who never come to work and can never be fired.He said there are no rules to follow.  He was not allowed to do his job.  It’s a unfortunate for us, because the chance to govern ourselves again has been destroyed by families who are incapable of leading…and everyone openly says it now.

Shovel Ready Ceddie was not able to move the flaky agenda forward to silence tribal members and force certain council members to kau tau to Genting.They never got to it or changed their minds for now.

They did have to talk about the filthy bathrooms and total lack of cleanliness in the Echo Chamber. Imagine the worst filth smeared everywhere and that’s what you have all over the place. Someones doing it on purpose apparently.  The few Elders that go there complain bitterly about the filth.  Guess who the janitors are….right. Always walking around outside instead of cleaning up.  There’s no standard to meet with Shovel Ready Ceddie in charge.  Why was this discussed in the meeting instead of handled by whoever is in charge.  Disgusting.

Poor Dr.Jo.  We actually thought he was going to set a record….but he didn’t. It was a mere 8 month before he broke camp.

The merry-go-round of senior staff continues.Only the entrenched in the corruption stay on saying,“I ain’t done nothing wrong.”  The finance situation was another issue, the shady money, and Tah Tah Maddness scared the Bejesus outta  poor Dr. Jo. Can you imagine trying to cope with Tah Tah’s mood swings and screaming?

Others are also leaving as the the new girl Diedra Lopes, a big big fan of Shovel Ready Ceddie, takes over the imploding Housing Department.  The illegal acts that took place  in Housing are hair raising. So it’s hard to imagine who would be crazy enough to leave a decent job to take a job where federal funding has been misappropriated by so many. Clearly she did not see or hear about the audit.

Well it’s no surprise that the girl has no experience in housing, let alone federal regulations.  She does have experience in the corrections field.

That may actually come in handy soon.