Nose Grows, It Shows.

“Don’t lie and you never have to remember anything.”  That line has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, and God knows who else.  It’s true though, just ask Jessie Little Doe.  Her memory apparently failed her at the Sunday Tribal meeting.  Uh-oh.  But that is no real surprise, is it?  Seems she has had a previous memory lapse regarding the question of “shunning.”  (It was her idea.)

This blogger wonders if all the secrecy about the gaming deal was precisely so the leadership wouldn’t have to remember just what they said when they were lying.  Sunday’s magic show and mathematical acrobatics really didn’t work.  In fact, we have more question than ever.

Old Mashpee were not ones to be impressed by shiny trinkets and glass beads, and frankly, other than the cushy salaries of the big cheeses, that’s about all we stand to get.  There will be no LIT, unless you think that Harry Reid of Nevada wants more East Coast competition.  And even if Divine intervention were to occur, you can count on the revenue to be so low that we won’t see a cent, except the $12.5 million, just enough to run the office and pay the salaries of the big wheels.  We have a bad economy and people do not have the disposable income.  Four dead in Atlantic City.  Foxwoods on the ropes.  Kinda like building an ice cream stand in November.  It doesn’t look good.