No Cedric, you won’t be able to practice law before the Supreme Court.

Mashpee Tribal Council Chairman Cedric Cromwell was “…so excited and happy” to hear that he would receive an honorary law degree from Suffolk U. Law School.  I don’t think he realizes that it is a nearly meaningless honor that carries no rights or privileges beyond a piece of paper for the wall.  Seriously, have you seen this:

That is the outside of an invitation to the affair being put on for Tribal Elders.  Nothing extraordinary about it, but you need to see the inside.  If you go half way down the right side of the page, you will see that Cedric has adopted the title DOCTOR!  I nearly soiled myself from uncontrollable laughter when I saw this.

[click to enlarge]

We have previously highlighted here the facts of Cedric’s inflated employment and education history. But this is just another page in Cedric’s history of embellishments.  Lets review:

What we have here is Cromwell’s attempt to clean up his resume to reflect his real educational background to reflect his community college and his non-academic community organizer “degree.”

What else has he lied about?