Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman is it true that you lie a lot ?

We have a new tribal member who has insisted on having his say on Reel Wamps.He said there are too many old people talkin’ on this website .  It needs a youthful perspective. Our committee voted unanimously in favor of his request based on his sassiness and extensive lineage.He proudly recited his woodland ancestors as Attaquins, Amos’s, Pocknetts, Haynes,  Mingos, Hendricks, Oakleys, Mills and Peters.  Chief Earl Mills named the young Wamp  Quahog Pie and challenged him to keep the old ways.

Quahog Pie is serious bout everything Wampanoag. A lot of adults can't say that.

Quahog Pie stands like a Mashpee man dressed to perfection ready to dance.He is serious about everything Wampanoag. A lot of adults can’t say that.

Quahog Pie talks to the Chairman

” Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman I just read your press release about your Taunton job fair..I have a question. How do you expect  the Genting Asino, Phase I, Super Walmart to employ 2,600 people ? I mean the parking lot only has 2,500 spaces. Well another thing. Our people can’t work in the Asino.  Indians with casinos don’t allow tribal members to work there. Only non tribal members can work there. So that means my dad gets a check right?  What ?  Well  ..Huh? Wait a minute Mr. Chairman, don’t walk away.  I just asked.  Those Brockton people would build a $700 million real casino with a hotel and everything. It’s going to be huge and they say they will employ 1,300 people.  Are you making things up Mr. Chairman?  Are you trying to impress the White people?

Mr Chairman you need some help? You wanna sit down. You seem to be having trouble. Well ah,  I was in the back of the room during the Sunday meeting and The man who handles the money for the tribe…..Yes, Mr. Robbie, he said you didn’t have the money from the Chinese people yet to build the Phase I,  Super Walmart Genting Asino. Well that’s what he said in front of 120 tribal members that’s what he said.  So how do you build a Asino without the money?  No I’m not a smart ass.  I’m just asking.  You know Minnie Ah Hah is my cousin.  Well, she told me to keep asking you questions, no matta what.  She said after about 20 of ’em you might answer one, maybe.  Wow.  She didn’t call you  names. I forgot you have big issues with ladies.  Like that Tah Tah lady.  They say she told on you in front of everybody.  Everybody. They say you didn’t know that the Mashpee women get ya told.

Mr Chairman I saw you come into the Sunday meeting late.  The Reel Wamps people said you weren’t coming, but all of a sudden you showed up. In the email to everyone, you said you had physical therapy? On Sunday Mr. Chairman? You seemed pretty uncomfortable up there talkin’.

Mr Chairman… the Chinese own us? I mean that’s what the Elders say.  So ah,  that’s not good is it? Where you goin’.  I can loan you my grandfather’s walker.  You can go faster.  Maybe next time Mr. Chairman.