Miss Blabbermouth Reports

Greetings fans and foes alike!  Your favorite Yankee Yenta is back in town and at the keyboard and sneaking, snooping, and schmoozing around the ‘shpee.  And, oh, the words that fall on my eager little ears…

By now we all know about the conviction of a Mashantucket Pequot leader of, shall we say, playing fast and loose with tribal funds and assets?  This after the FBI had raided the Shinnecock Gaming Authority back in May.  Seems like this circus train is slowly moving east, oh my.  Warning, Will Robinson, and anyone else with the fingers in the honey pot:  the day of train reckoning draweth nigh!

Tell me it’s not true:  rumors abound that we will lose that big old $30 a month gift card.  How EVER will I get my tushy lift in Beverly Hills without that dollar-a-day?

Miss B suspects that those funds are being diverted to much more urgent uses, like, oh, someone’s lavish sweet sixteen party, or maybe a damn-the-torpedoes, don’t spare the lobster and Champagne wedding celebration.

A little bird says:  look for former elected leaders secretly on the payroll.  [snicker]

Has anyone seen our former treasurer?  Is anyone on the scent?  [ick]

Well, ta-ta, little ones.  Miss B is late for tea.  Oh, and if you have a juicy morsel, share!  Don’t worry, don’t come looking for me, I’ll find you