May I ruin your weekend?

Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the chart below.  It lists the compensation (as far as we know) of the members of the Tribal Council.  Please make note of the fact that this is only for a six month period, so to get an idea of the actual numbers, they are at least double these.  Understand that this not intended to inspire envy or resentment, but given the lack of actual independent revenue, i.e., excluding grants and backer revenue, you may consider them way out of proportion, and this is just what we know about.  We cannot account for the possibility of “under the table” perks and what the Gaming people get.  You may want to consider the qualifications of the people receiving such compensation.  I leave it to you.

Click to enlarge.

You may want to consider the fact that all the $90 million we have so far borrowed has to be paid back, is spite of any lie you have heard.  If anyone tells you differently, demand that they show you proof to the contrary.  I don’t think that the non-existent revenue from the powwows will cut it any more.  We are so screwed.  Thanks Cedric.