Larry’s sad story, $20,000 for Xmas bonus/party & the beat goes on

You may remember that several months ago Larry Balbuena went to Shovel  Ready Ceddie for help.  He got the abbreviated version of his “Hokaness’s” Cuff  ‘n Carry edict.  Tribal security, who play video games all day long for $20 an hour, dragged Larry away like a dog.  Security went back inside and finished their video games and practiced yodeling in the empty echo chamber.

Larry was a big supporter of “His Hokaness” also known as “Shovel Ready Ceddie” and “Arkana Dowhatevatogetdemoney.”

But it ain’t funny now. Larry who needed real help ended up in New Bedford and got into a serious altercation and was near death.  Now if he got the help he needed from the only place we have ever gone, this might have turned out differently.

More proof that  “His Hokaness” is totally doped by getting the money he never had and is living the ghetto life of his dreams.  This was the last straw and the final proof that SRC is not Mashpee, will never be Mashpee and has nightmares about forgetting where he buried all that loot from the Arkana (Mashpee Wampanoag) Gaming Authority.

But get this…they’re planning a big $20,000 Christmas party with bonuses for all the people who rarely work and turn away the needy.

They also get federal money from the Housing program when they absolutely should not. And they pilfer the Boston Food Bank in our tribal building like the shameless disgraces that they are.  Any other  leader would prohibit staff from shopping in the raggedy food bank because they can shop at Stop & Shop.  Not Shovel Ready Ceddie his tradition is Ghetto Fabulous Till They Take Me Away.

You have to wonder if he understands that the Creator sees all.

Ain’t that right Deaconess?