Kung Foo Council

It was another Sunday meeting too ridiculous to be true. It was like a circus. A Karate  class performing for an hour.  A lot of time and money wasted on extra curricular activities, by the way. when our kids need tutoring.  The real tribal members suffered through a diatribe from the insufferable Diane Bassettwho is clearly disappointed with the leadership she owns, and her son protects as ” security”.  She’s not  a Wampanoag and she’s not allowed to raise questions….but then again shes dealing with her crew and there are no rules let alone an understanding of tribal decorum.  And Brook Scanell, Cedric’s flack, for 2 years) needs to keep those lame ideas to herself. No ones sending any cards mto anyone and we’re too small a tribe to have any impact on any legislative body.  She can do us all a favor and stop writing that God awful Mittark…The Tobe’s have a petition going around for that too !