Joanne is declared innocent

Most everyone knows by now that Joanne Frye got away again with food stamp fraud.  Her benefactors on the Tribal Council said that ” she didn’t know that she couldn’t get reimbursed for using her granddaughter’s food stamps.” Why is her granddaughter on food stamps and living with her ?

Well alright. But what about Joanne’s holiday gift card scam ?  The gift cards bought

The password for employment with the tribe. You must be a believer.

The password for employment with the Tribe. You must be a believer.

by the Tribe were to be given to Tribal members. Once again, Joanne turned in the receipt for the purchase of some extra turkey and ham for reimbursement.

Joanne has a lot on the Cromwell administration and she will continue to do as little as possible for her $80 k because she brought the crew to the table and she will tell all if they try to do anything to her or her son in particular.  You can’t shame Joanne or her family….but they are doing a hell of a job of shaming us.