Is it over yet?

Tell Tale Signs

  • The loan  for the the next 3 months plummeted from $5.4m to $3.4m. 95% of that goes to consultants who are owed in arrears and don’t work.  The rest goes to Council officers who get huge salaries and hide from their constituents.  Genting said ” We’re in the gaming business not the loan business.” It will all end soon…very soon. Cedric’s Running Bear alright.
  • If you’re wondering what happened to Aaron Tobey…he got married alright, but he’s lurking for the HR job and the Tribal Administrator job.  That is if there’s a tribe left. Which is looking bleak.
  • Robbie Hendricks the Treasurer ( tee hee)  continues to disappoint and flounder around trying to protect Marge and blame Mark Harding when he failed to do his job and audit the tribe when he came into office.  He went to the dark side and consulted Cedric about what to do.  You know what Cedric said. ” We don’t need no audit.” And  Marge said ” You don’t know what your doing…I’ll be the treasurer.”  Now he took the charge cards from Bobby Foster and Joanne Frye…so what.  A little late ain’t it boy? What does he say when the feds asked what happened to $58 million. Over billing, kick backs, charge card expenses( see: Pequots)…OMG it goes on.
  • Shoulda done the audit ROBBIE…
  • Oh…Robbie has 2 jobs Treasurer and Emergency Management and got the $20,000 raise.  He’s making big bucks…and can’t seem to do an audit to stop the bleeding.
  • Trish works for the new White word smith that is paid $15k a month.  They’re the  Regan PR firm in Osterville.  Bet her family is proud of her.  If you know what she does please let us know.
  • We have staffers that have serious alcohol  problems who should be in rehab instead of out and about. We

    Cedric atop Gov Building frame, too small before completed @ 21% & already in violation of FEMA regs.

    need to face these problems and should stop ignoring them.Very dangerous.