“I’m ecstatic. I’m so excited,” said Cedric Cromwell

Well of course you are Cedric….of course you are.Could it be that your ecstasy was provoked by the fact that you and seven other Council members will keep getting paid as you desperately search for investors to relieve the nervous Genting.

Apparently, something is up.  After the “ceremonial”  groundbreaking and the

The absence of the old outhouse is a dead giveaway.

The absence of the old outhouse is a dead giveaway.

demolition of the warehouse, all construction stopped.  A month later there’s nothing going on.  No Bouse houses,  no construction site trailer just a locked gate and very small vacant lot.

There’s no money to begin the “First Phase.” A third of the millions needed to build the first phase is interest. Who does business like that? More over, who does business with people who do business like that? Getting the facility and the parking lot done by next summer is a reach.  And the question is how is the damned thing finished when you can’t get the money to get started?

There are serious serious issues with Cedric’s search for a financial entity to build the casino itself.  Genting does not want to do it, even with Brockton out of the picture (for now). The real financials have a lot to do  with Genting’s push to get out of underwriting the Asino.

All the newspaper boasting of Gentings financial and gaming prowess is so misleading when combined with renderings of the casino with hotel and amenities never pointing out the “phases” smells bad. It’s obvious that “phases” means no money.  Funny no other gaming entity does it that way.

So the Mass Gaming Commission basically says the Asino is so uncertain they wanted something spectacular to counter it’s potential failure.The Brockton facility wasn’t hitting the mark.It was never about too much competition either. Less is more for certain people.

And in the end Chairman Steven Crosby had buyer’s remorse and was walking back  the Brockton rejection because Cedric is so flaky.

“Not knowing for sure what the tribe is going to do,” he said, was the biggest issue. “If the tribe isn’t able to do anything, whether it’s because of the lawsuit or something else, then we will have made a mistake. I don’t think that’s likely, but it’s a possibility. I just kept wrestling with how much can we count on the tribe’s commitment?”

Looks like a kettle deal to us…clever.