His Hokaness’s Arkana Sacred Burial Ground

Housing has been deposited in the Arkana Sacred Burial Ground . Here’s the worst part. Of the audited documents that were randomly sampled, not a single one was properly done. Correct Valerie. Of all the hundreds of samples taken…..every single case evaluated was a perfect  case of fraud and misuse of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Right.  Valerie was so numb she was doling out thousands of HUD dollars for herself, family, and daughters. And the Housing Commission lead by Corine, was giving Housing Commission member Joan Avant (Valeries aunt) money, just because they could. We all love Joan, but for God sakes.  Who ever let unethical behavior get in the way? And Corine has the nerve to be nasty to people.  We won’t rewind to the other family members who were lavished while others suffered. This is a sorry state of affairs and the people who need the help may never get it because of the gross incompetence and mismanagement.

Course they don’t know the traditions so they are not affected. They understand money though, especially since they have never had it and they will do anything for it….anything.   There are officers who are involving  their own children in the slimy Arkana money game. That’s right their kids…heady stuff indeed.

Back to Housing…the audit talks about a tribal staffer who lives with an alleged drug dealer and received first and last months rent.  That of course is a violation of federal law. They point that out. Think about this. If the outside auditor knew that, what do you think the feds know ? This member also has a high profile position, and was recently stopped for driving on a suspended license. Course in the White man’s world she would be fired.  It’s like all these horrible acts are a prerequisite to be part of Shovel Ready Ceddie’s Crooked Council of Thieves and Scoundrels. 

The $100 million hams !

On to more really embarrassing stuff…. our big gift of the season is the Free Tribal Ham. A Free Tribal Ham that is donated by the First Baptist Church of Brewster and our (so called) Food Pantry which is funded by a grant and the Boston Food Bank.  Okay so let’s get this right. We have Shovel Ready Ceddie and the gang at the White House, Peter Pan fanning around taking selfies with the President (making the paper no less!) like everything is right with the world.Since we have abandoned the turtle, apparently we have is a new mascot who will never grow up.  …..So this regime has disposed of $100 million of Arkana money and we’re living off charity? These are the same charities the indigent turn to.  Anyway, everyone knows the Frybal Council staff will run down to the pantry and steal all the hams anyway.

And we have yet another outrage . The Sunday “Healing Fire.”  brought to us by none other than Messy Jessie and her sidekick the First Lady, who ironically refused to help the tribal member with breast cancer.  Another fabricated tradition designed to make Messy the center of attention.  How do these people expect to heal us when they’re the ones making us sick.

What they need to do is  dedicate “His Hokaness’s’ Sacred Arkana Burial Ground,” and they can assign our plots.