Here we goooooooooo!!!!

Okay, this initial phase of the BIA land in trust approval is huge for us.  BUT there’s no explanation of how we fit under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. Gee, wonder why? Federal court rulings and the BIA said we didn’t meet the criteria.  All of a sudden we do? Future legal challenges to the bureau’s decision will be the determiner. According to one tribal member, Genting has so much money they can influence any outcome and make “butterflies and birds fly outta your a– ” They have their own magic act. Oh yes, they do. It’s called millions of dollars.

Despite what Shovel Ready Ceddie says about lawsuits, lawsuits are a huge problem and he admits they are a problem…but that ” they won’t stop the process ”  What process is he talking about? The Genting process?

Regardless, everyone knows a lot of people will be suing and it does slow everything to a drizzle.

Anyway, in addition to SRC, Yvonne, Robbie, Bobbie Foster and Jessie receiving additional undisclosed salaries from the ” Gaming Authority “…now they have another  “Benchmark” that they have met for another raise. For those who are not millionaires already they will be such in a matter of months, while yes, we’re going to say it……you get a couple of hams a year and $35 in groceries a month from the Boston Food Bank. It is not going to change.

First question is, after the month comment period where people can challenge and appeal the decision, and the lawsuits start ….are you going to start building anyway or what since the lawsuits don’t matter?

The biggest question is when are tribal members going to get paid…..ha! They haven’t told you because Genting could care less about anyone in the tribe, but the paid council members of course.  When will we get a check ? You never got an answer 6 years ago you won’t get one now.

And if you thought these people were bad before this..they will be even worse in the future. Get ready for the Apocalypse.

And the truth is LIT means nothing for us because we will not get a dime…not a dime. They will do whatever they want. And definitely under orders from Genting who have no respect for us at all.  Ask the Pequots and the Senecas.  Imagine the Tribal Government  having that power…unless the federal government stops them.

The menu may change though to Green Eggs and HAM.