Gimme one a them voided checks! Bobby ratted out

When does it end…the auditors stumbled on to another really bad accounting practice utilized in Housing.Lots of voided checks. It goes like this. They issue the member a

Bobby just can't do right.

check, it’s cashed, they void that check and issue another one.  What a racket !!!!! Not surprised? Neither are we!

On another front, the Tribe continues to offer conflicting information to the state and county about Bobby Foster’s income which is causing serious problems when it comes to his child support compliance. When the tribal salaries were released a few months ago, Foster’s salary was over $40,000 more a year than what

Robbie plays dumb.Is it an act?

Robbie Hendricks,the treasurer, disclosed the DOR.  So once again the tribe is giving out false information so Bobby doesn’t have to take care of his kid. Certainly all that doe, some of it payment for attending funerals, should  be used to take care of a child. But once again the Tribe is complicit in the dishonesty.

Fumigate everything !

Clearly Bobby has not interested in paying  child support nor is he planning to use his money to eradicate the cat like rodents the neighbors say are nesting in his home. It’s no wonder they live in fear. Scary dude.