Ghetto Governance

There has to be something said about how things used to be.  Whether it was  Russell Peters or Glenn Marshall, there has never been such a breach of decorum in the government process and the treatment of tribal members in the tribe’s history. Course if you’re in charge and have no  family members who can hand these leadership skills down to you…..well yah, it’s tough.  But why didn’t you ask somebody?  No, you just keep bullshi-ing your way to a paycheck that you will never have again….in this life after this.

Why not resign Cedric?

Cedric Cromwell was unable to control the last Council meeting.  It imploded.  Tribal members were outraged, demanding answers. It was so explosive, people  almost came to blows.  He was insulting women, Autum Banks and Crystal Maddox. He was doing his Cedric  thing. Cedric had to convene an  executive session.  He had no answers on the Harvard Project review.  That assessment of the tribal government…the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council got a F+. The buck buckshot “Itty Bitty Taunto  Casino” reconfirmed the fact that the Cromwell Administration had no long or short term plan for economic development for the tribe. No plans for self determination as it were. No cash flow beyond the oppressive indebtedness of Genting, that has produced nothing for the tribe.

Who picks the worst casino site in the state four months before the deadline and thinks the tribe is to be take seriously? The property is all broken up.  The largest buildable lot is 40  acres.

Russell Peters and Glenn Marshall had plans and so did their teams.  Whether you liked them or not, they had our best interests at heart.

Look at us.

Look at the government we worked so hard for.  Our self sufficiency destroyed by the least capable at the helm. The people who for generations were never in leadership roles are drilling holes in the canoe and see nothing wrong with it.  This is their little  odyssey  and our continuing nightmare. They can’t even find capable people to replace the people they have been forced to fire.

Cedric Aaron and Mark Harding don’t follow tribal law.  They just make it up as they go along according to the Harvard Project.

Leon, the tribal administrator is suddenly leaving….again.  Leon and Cedric put Michelle Fernandes  in the job.  They just fired her.  Reportedly money is missing from Housing and the files are in complete disarray with personal information being rummaged through by guess who ?  Since Alice died, the mandatory  reports to HUD have never been done. As we reported, the department is shut down and no draw downs are allowed.

 The return of Michelle Fernandes triggered a meltdown with Joanne Frye…who eventually became the interim Tribal Administrator. Who would bring that woman back?  How desperate are they ?  How about Leon doesn’t  even  come back and HUD comes in and shuts Housing  down for good. Nellie has been waiting for her windows for nearly 3 years. How about it ain’t happening. She challenged the election because they committed elections fraud.

This has gone on for 3 years. The  pilfering of money in Housing  and violations of federal law  repeats itself with negative audits. The  Housing Committee  is unable to do anything..  Nor has anyone who would know better ever told the authorities of any abuse. The Harvard Project says the committee is without authority.

At this point, it’s a moot point isn’t it? Going along to get along helps no one.  Trying to do something when it too late is worthless ain’t it?

Why not just resign Grungy?