Get the story straight Yvonne

Yvonne was in court for the second time for the attempted “back over” of her husband.  The Mean Travel Queen just cannot resist explaining her side to anyone who will listen.  Instead of hiding silently in shame, like a normal person,  MTQ has to tell a litany of evolving tales from her perspective.

Soooooooooooo, Yvonne has told several versions of how she got to putting the car in reverse.

  1. He was threatening her  ( maybe because she was telling Council women to vote against him for contracts….hmmmm another story altogether).
  2. He was going to hit her.
  3. He had told her to stay away from the house.


She’s in a car and he’s going to hit her? She’s in the weapon and she backs up, he rolls over to avoid getting run over. Okay.  Why not drive off? Why put the car in reverse?

Okay let’s close this out.  This is why no one wants to be bothered with us.  If you can find a Tribal Council in Fist Nations with a council full of degenerates like ours ….you will be hard pressed

We tried to tell the White people how to survive on our land. Now outsiders controlled by the Chinese are destroying what's left of our tradition for money.

We tried to teach the White people how to survive on our land. Now outsiders controlled by the Chinese are destroying what’s left of our tradition for money.

We at Reel Wamps have always felt that mimicking the White governing structure was not always been the best thing for us….but since we are the most experienced at it, dating back to the 1700’s….how come we have suddenly fallen into a black hole under the Cromwell administration ? Well, you know the answer.  It’s not like you have true Mashpee running the Tribe. No ones accountable.  The laws are not followed and The majority of the council is corrupt and looks out for themselves or the Fryes.

It’s one thing to tell stories of tribal member fights and embarrassing transgressions, like we used to for comic relief. But these people are running the government.  Why would financiers take us seriously?  It’s difficult to even consider when the SCOUNDRELS are in charge.All of them without basic  credentials to govern our complicated small tribe.

Who would go hunting with Cedric Cromwell, of Dorchester? Not a single man.  No one has ever

considered the outsider who has been a shameful imitation of a Mashpee man.

Our identity is our identity. I cannot be taught, because our people live it every day. The Wicked 8 are on the TAKE...we live that every day too.

Our identity is our identity. It cannot be taught, because our people live it every day. The Wicked Wamp 8 are on the TAKE…we live that every day too.

The tribal chairman must know every element of tribal life and the history of every family.  How we are related and not related.  Our feuds, resentments and ROLES through the years.

You have 4 officers and 4 council members without an iota of credibility.EIGHT. Pretending we are going to have a casino worthy of generating revenues for the state and our people.Lies.

And the last effort to try to delay the Mass Gaming Commission decision on the Brockton license was absurd.  The MGC has done it’s due diligence and everyone knows it.

If we weren’t so damned flaky, Brockton wouldn’t even be in the picture….ever, think about that?

Cedric’s dropped the ball. No financing, no credibility.  Potentially $420,000,000 in debt for a tiny tribe if the latest loan goes through.

But, one thing is for sure every Friday the Wicked Wamp 8 get a check.  Over a million dollars a year to these thieves.

Yvonne is a shining example of transgressions that keep repeating themselves and beating us down.

We have always been survivors, but we have never been masochists.