Genting goes south

Everyone loves Florida.  Year round.  It is fertile for gaming and Genting is all over it with half a billion spent already on bringing commercial gaming to the sunshine state.  Brian Ballard is leading the charge for the Chinese gambling moguls.  So he’s getting paid.  Make no mistake, the state legislature is eyeballing commercial casinos because the Republicans control the legislature.

Understand the contrast.  Massachusetts has a budget of 30 billion dollars. Florida has a budget of 64 billion dollars. So Mashpee is an after thought for sure. But the 26 million dollars in debt is still there at 16.5%.  There is no tangible evidence of what that money was spent on beyond the Council salaries. It is an atrocity.

Back to Florida….Remember the Seminoles are most substantial.  After all they never surrendered to the US Government.  They know about independence and the importance of being able to function without a tin cup… for the Mashpee….

What’s the plan to get us out of this ditch Cedric has us in? Who has that answer? Right.  What’s the plan?