Feed the lawyers starve the Tribe

Cromwell was never credible

If you’re wondering what happens next, you’re not alone.  But the answer may never come because there has never been a legitimate strategy, end game or plan B.  Cromwell is  now  spinning the ” persecution ” angle.  Says the Tribe is being mistreated.   Yes we are. Mistreated by Cedric and the gang.

Cromwell has bungled the casino deal from the start.

  • Selects Taunton-worst location in the state(50 acres) 5 months before the deadline.  We had the best in Middleboro(530 acres)
  • Wastes  $500k on Taunton election (election outcome no relevance to the process)
  • Wastes $4-5m on legal bills for “Crappy Compact” called the worst in the nation.
  • Tribal traditionalists revolt over aboriginal rights change in compact and other well known federal mandates violated in the Compact.
  • Land in Trust application remains incomplete-lacks historic ties, environmental clearance and proof of federal recognition before 1933 invalid. Middleboro deal had it all.
  • By September  2012 Genting tells Council…” We’re not in the loan business we’re in the gaming business.” The relationship deteriorates.
  • Ramona Peters and Jessie Baird try to repair LIT saying our link is through the river and that we originated from “pine needles and sea foam”
  • Tribal governance deteriorates, the Genting money comes in smaller increments and goes to pay for past debt, mostly legal bills.
  • Audio minutes of tribal government actions are skimpy at best presenting a bigger problem of government legitimacy.
  • Nov 2012 Attempts to alter election law, set up gaming commission and federal charter government fail.
  • Nov 2012 Mass Gaming Commission gives Tribe 90 days to resolve many federal problems signaling that it has lost patience
  • Mashpee 9 file federal lawsuit asking for federal investigation and monitoring of  2013 election—still pending
  • Kimberly Frye ” SR” ( Cromwell’s sister in law) is reappointed as Elections Chair after its determined she served illegally for a year
  • No movement on the Compact redo for 4 months
  • Compact redone, it’s as bad as the last, legislature never takes it up for approval
  • At the last minute Cedric adds Galleria to Compact because the land he has is inadequate
  • Tribal lawyers indicate they plan to sue MGC when its clear Tribe can’t get issues reolved in a ” reasonable ” time period.
  • Cedric spends $2m in a week on poorly produced, over saturating media campaign attacking the MGC, in an attempt to drum  up sympathy…it backfires….it also continues to run during Marathon terror attack
  • Despite Cedric’s misinformation, MGC confirms that it will take a minimum of 6 years to get  LIT
  • MGC opens Region C for bidding

So a real government would have a fall back position and one that helps tribal members get on their feet and improve their quality of life, instead of relying solely on casinos.   No such luck.   You have Cedric playing the blame game and still collecting a check for leading us over the cliff. It’s amazing that such consistent failure is rewarded…..if Cedric really cared, he would resign…..no such luck.   Maybe when they stop sending the checks.