Cedric  accepted the rules of the game, but clearly doesn’t know how to play.

He has humiliated us, indebted us and is now treating us like morons by telling us that we’re going to have a casino anyway. So did he tell the BIA that or the FBI?

He has never done a damned thing that would benefit  us. He allowed Genting to disable us and the lawyers to get rich off of us. And they’re going to continue with lawsuits that feed the lawyers and starve the tribe.

We are reduced to getting a monthly $30 food card like a third world nation.

He got us  So if Tribal members want to ignore what’s happened to us under Cedric Tobey Cromwell, well that’s going to be tough with this ridiculous debt hung around our necks binding generations to come, You can’t say you weren’t told. Cedric and his Fryebal Council destroyed the simplest dignity left to us. You knew it all along.

Keep making all that noise agitating the MGC.  Keep it up.

Ignorance and deceit is a killer. Ain’t it bird?