Elders say we must restore traditional values

The future of the tribe was the focus of a dialogue between family leaders of the Elders and about 15 tribal members .  Chief Earl Mills listened

Chief Mills says we must be guided by traditional values

and agreed that the Tribe had veered  off course badly.  The lack of  understanding of  tradition is the cause he said.  The Chief said traditional values is more than rituals.  It is the understanding and use of the things our parents and Elders taught us.  The Chief said we must come together and restore  our core values.

We were taught  to protect and care for each other. They taught us that  human courtesy, respect and decorum is the fabric of the Mashpee people.

We respect and love our providers…the hunters and fishermen.  Whatever  befalls us they will provide for us, just as their fathers and grandfathers did.  If a family is without others will make sure we don’t starve….if you can’t do it yourself.  This is a tradition. It would be done without comment.

Our political tradition is one of  chastisement, and directness,that demands strong unwavering  leadership…..in the right direction. Our people are hard task masters but they are generous with their thanks and have been for generations.  Our leaders stayed in line to avoid being embarrassed and dressed down. They could always face us….they could always break bread, have coffee,  have a drink,  bring you some  quahogs and laugh about something foolish. We always shook hands and were friends again if there was a falling out.

Not now.

But we are lead by people who are not traditional in any way. Outsiders who hide from us because they cannot face us.   They don’t have the passion or pride of the Mashpee Wampanoag.

They are unworthy of us. Unworthy.

They have done things that the Mashpee just do not do.

They have alienated our Elders.

They failed to address the unmet needs of our people collectively.

The absolute greed and deception that has consumed certain Council members and staff is horrible.

The destruction of  our good will with the surrounding communities and governments is unbelievable.

The mistreatment of our friends is embarrassing.

It’s not the Mashpee way.

It’s tantamount to being occupied by a foreign government.

Well….we all know what happens to the occupiers and the ones who marched their own people to a horrible end.