Do You Miss Me Yet?

Hi! Remember me?  I was Chairman during that triumphant time when all of our, and our ancestors dreams and hard work came to fruition, and Washington had to grudgingly agree that we truly fit all the criteria of an Indian Tribe.  Our administration inspired trust and fostered good will from the Towns of  Mashpee and Middleborough, to where we were able to sign intergovernmental agreements with both.  Our Tribe was on its way to a new era of prosperity, progress, and prestige, but dark clouds loomed on the horizon.

Some individuals within the Tribe, and outside it, for reasons all their own, and that we can only speculate on, decided to derail the progress that we were making.  Maybe you can finally see what I’m talking about.  They decided to railroad me in order to take over your government, and they succeeded.  I made my mistakes and paid for them.  Now they are making their mistakes, but you will have to pay for them.

May God help us all, that we may survive the hard times to come, as we always have.