Damned Fools in Charge of MWT

" SHOVEL READY CEDDIE" is what they call him.....

The MWT is being held hostage by the worst people in the tribe.  For 5 years, they have been promising us a casino, and can’t even give us a food pantry that they actually pay for out of the $90 million debt they accrued.

And now Cedric ( Tobey ) Cromwell and his leadership team of Jessie ( Tobey ), Tah Tah, and Robbie are silent about our land in trust application because it’s languishing in file 13 of the BIA ” Waiting for the Carceri Fix ” file. We are in no casino land.

MEANWHILE the Aquinnah got the green light from the federal court to build a casino on their land.  How about that? Ain’t that amazing? Them!

Yah Cedric, Jessie with your damned pine needles and sea foam, Tah Tah shrouded in insanity, and Robbie who is petrified of the weakest man in the tribe….

Good luck on the Costume Circus coming in 2 days where people are allowed to dress like Indians and disgrace our ancestors because they do not respect us .  You allow this.