Courtin’ Nellie

After  Marita Scott, Tribal Court Clerk, (wink wink ) conducted her own tribal broadcast, she finally  made it official. You know how she loves to talk.  Telling Nellie how nice the court room is and everything.  After 6 months she mailed Nellie Hicks a letter giving her a court date for the complaint   filed challenging the 2009 election debacle that brought tragedy to the tribe. July 3, at 1pm.

Marita confirmed what she told everyone in her broadcast. That Mashpee Wampanoag attorney Robert Mills would preside over this so called 6 month delayed, 6 months brewing in the voodoo hoodoo tribal court.

No Justice in this Court

Several problems are clear.  Robert Mills would have to recuse himself for a variety of reasons.

His sister Shelly not only served on the 2008 – 2009 Election Committee, she worked the polls on the chaotic election day.

  • On election day, Shelly’s husband David Pocknett, who was the Vice Chairman at the time, challenged the very lawsuit  (filed by Yvonne Frye  Avant) that allowed the shunned  Tobeys to vote.  That decision allowing the Tobeys to vote was made by Contract Judge Rochelle Ducheneaux .  Later, in 2009 court records, Ducheneaux admitted  that she violated tribal law by allowing the Tobeys to vote, and  that her decision invalidated the election.   Ducheneaux  stated that on a real court record and hasn’t been seen since that disclosure in early summer  of 2009.
  • Robert’s brother–in-law David Pocknett, also lost a second case where the tribal court denied him access to the ballot .  That took 15 months for a decision by Judge Henry Sockbeson. And of course Pocknett was denied a place on the ballot in an election that was long gone. He was denied access to the ballot and  lost a write in effort.
  • The most glaring conflict is the fact that Robert’s father Earl Mills is actually the Chief of the tribe because Bunny resigned twice in the spring of 2008 and the Elders elected Earl Chief again. That’s all in the tribal record, The Cape Cod Times ( April 5 2009) and the Mittark. But the Tobey brigade lead by Cedric Tobey Cromwell, Aaron Tobey, Paula Peters, Yvonne and Mark Harding had to illegally resurrect Bunny to vote for a variety of illegal emergency meetings to undermine the tribe, and empower themselves. And Bunny wasn’t even the Chief while he was voting on the Council. And we all know that Bunny had no idea what was going on.
  • Bad horror story.  Yes sireeeeeeeeeee.


Judge Henry Sockbeson has been playing tribal court judge ever since. In between golf and speeches at Harvard, Dartmouth and such…you know, talking about tribal justice and all because no one else would do the dirty work.  Now its on Robert Mills?

Sockbeson is MIA. His reputation is at stake no doubt.


All these things we’ve outlined are issues that are consequential in a REAL court.  A REAL TRIBAL Court etc….

Why are legal issues against us still thrashed out in state and federal courts? Why are our ICWA issues  still handled in local courts?  Cedric, Aaron and Markie try to drag people into tribal court as a cheap PR stunt knowing  the court has no authority….because land in trust  is completely out of reach with last weeks US Supreme Court decision.  It’s a second death knell. Not good for the Taunton Itty Bitty Casino either.

The tribal court is so worthless that even when you win….nothing happens.  Ask Tah Tah.  She won with Henry Sockbeson earlier this year.  The  “ tribal court “ said the Council could not put her on administrative leave .

And nothing happened.  No enforcement. Nothing.

Off the crumbling team

Now Tah Tah wants out.  Despondent, isolated and tormented, Marie Stone is looking to get the Human Resources job and get off the Council merry go round.  Can you imagine that?  Tah Tah who sends out hundreds of angry, threatening  emails to staff and Council members…in charge of  Human Resources and staff?  More lawsuits to follow…in a real court. That means a special election to replace Tah Tah. Cedric and Mark Harding can’t have that.

Meanwhile her (former) partners and a second group are planning to replace Tah Tah on two different  election tickets.  They want Court Clerk  Marita Scott.  That girls popular ain’t she?  Best believe her aunt Yvonne Frye Avant is behind that….being that Yvonne  filed the lawsuit to allow the Tobeys to vote on election day 2009.  Course Yvonne  persuaded Judge Rochelle to throw the election in favor of Cedric, while her sisters Ca and Joanne added illegal voters (all recorded on video tape) to that voter sign in sheets ( right under Patricia Keli’inui’s nose).  These are the infamous sign in sheets  that nobody seems to be able to produce right now.  The Fryebal Council has too much at stake.  Those birds have 18 jobs out of 32 that are tribal.  No degrees GEDs or experience required of course.   Lovely group ain’t they? The absolute chaos over there never ends.

All Nellie wants is the sign in sheets. That  invalidates the 2009 election.  That’s clearly a reach. Because whether the court rules for or against the tribal community, nothing happens.  Who wants that on their conscience?

Nellie filed in the tribal court to prove that it has no authority because we do not have land in trust.  The next step comes after July 3.

Whatever the court decides….is irrelevant .

The Council will have all their White Boston lawyers with all their motions to dismiss and their billable hours  for thousands and thousands of dollars in the little room with the Natives who have their own people working against them.

Poor  pitiful Mashpee.

Poor poor pitiful Mashpee Wampanoag

No real Mashpee would pull this kind of crap.

Ghetto fabulous is ghetto fabulous all day long.