Come on now……

Campaigns bring out the worst in people. You can always tell the ones on shaky ground.  They start spreading rumors, lying and exaggerating their life experiences and education. They start calling people and telling them not to support this one and that one.  In a small tribe like ours, every word gets back…and everyone knows who called who and who said what and ” who’s scraping the bottom of the barrel,” or  ” who’s too old” or ” whos’ a drunk ”  or “who’s got a nerve” and ” who did this” and ” who did that.”  In a small tribe there are no secrets.  But for the guy or gal running behind, it’s the only way they can get ahead of the lead candidate.  They have to attack .

So when you hear all that bad mouthing by certain candidates calling others “stupid, lazy and uneducated ,” you got to wonder if this is someone of leadership quality.  They’re busy tearing down their opponent instead of talking about what they plan to do. Its a distraction because they don’t have a plan or anyone to help us get back on track.

Then again some people think they’re anointed.  They think they don’t have to work for your vote. As one tribal member said..”They think they have birds flying outta their a–.”

Mashpee’s a tough crowd to win over…and pretty disgusted right now But they never pass up a good freebee.  And Big Brother Almighty ( Cedric ” Running Bear” Cromwell) had his shindig at Dino’s…free drinks and food all on the tribal credit card. Oh ya,  he phone banked the entire Tribe inviting them to come to his event….from 2-7.Well…it was attended by tribal staff and a very few actual members according to our reconnaissance.

We promise never to use this picture again if he promises never to wear it again.

But you would never know it to look on Facebook . BBA said  200 people attended his event. And he quoted the bible scripture in appreciation. During the 5 hour marathon, there weren’t 200 people passing through Dino’s how could all of them attend his event?

Let’s be honest….Cedric is not into negative campaigning but he’s an incredible liar. Award winning.