Cedric’s last stand

Now that the Tribal casino license has all but evaporated, Cedric’s trying to drum up sympathy with an expensive media campaign attacking the Mass Gaming Commission.  He’s on TV, he’s on radio, he’s in the newspapers saying the chair of the Gaming Commission lacks transparency. Mistreating the poor Mashpee Wampanoag.

That’s right Cedric is talking about transparency. The nerve hu?   The commission is doing it’s job. Cedric and his band of lousy lawyers are surrounded like Custer.

It’s an unmitigated waste of time and money because it’s too late and  it’s a lot of money for an impossible outcome.

Let’s talk about the transparency in the tribal government. Though the Council has not passed a budget, Genting  did send an infusion of $ 5 million the day after the election.   Most of that went to pay 4 months of debt in arrears. Most of it legal fees.   You can be sure it’s not for the many tribal members in need

The big money pit is the Tribal Gaming Commission that spends $1.5 million monthly.   There’s no transparency there.  They do whatever they want…..in secret.