Bye Cheryl… Your Past Finally Caught Up with You!

Reel Wamps knew several months ago that Cheryl Frye  (Cromwell) had been on her standard bad behavior binge, when she smashed up the tribal  blue sedan …we don’t know Cheryl’s condition…but we know she had ghettoized that car so bad…it needed to be laid to rest. Finally Aaron had his revenge for the firing of his friend Rhonda by revealing Cheryl’s wreck.  Well they voted on firing Cheryl from the Health Department..Aaron had the votes to get rid of her and actally be the hero of the Tribe.  Well the plan would have worked if it were not for his cousin Laura Tobey Miranda abstained.  The weak Council members abstain from votes constantly when everyone knows abstaining is used if you have a conflict….not because you don’t want to take a stand.  Course that’s why you elect people ……to take a stand…Better luck next time Aaron…you know those Tobe’s…just can’t trust ’em.